Friday, October 15, 2010

October Challenge 17

Today was an interesting day. It started out with my son waking me up by calling "Dadda. Dadda!" from his crib. This is weird. The only thing I could figure was that he remembered that Daddy had put him to bed last night since Mommy was at work.

As soon as I got up, I realized his disposable diaper had exploded that nasty gel stuff all over the place because apparently "Dadda" didn't pull the diaper up far enough in the front so the Little Guy soaked it right at the top. So... bath-time. Right off the bat. (These are the mornings I consider doing cloth diapers at night... but then I am just so afraid I'd wake up to wetness EVERY morning that I don't.)

As soon as I get that dealt with and him re-dressed, I hear my cell phone beeping from the other room. My MIL had called to say that the fireplace repair guy was "fitting us in" sometime today. We rent our house from my in-laws, so this is why she was telling me this. I've not been able to get the fireplace to turn on for a week now and we've been freezing to death.

So right after breakfast, I decided I better get dressed - I mean - I didn't want the guy showing up with me having no bra on, right? So, no sooner had I gotten myself presentable for the day (uh... no time for a shower though - didn't want to take that chance he'd show up while I was in there) then he showed up.

What was wrong with the fireplace? Oh yeah. I just didn't turn the little knob from "pilot" to "ON". Oops. $135 later I have heat. Thank you Mr. Repair Man for enlightening me. (He was actually very nice)

Okay.. so what did I get accomplished today for my challenge?
-Well, had to change the sheets on the Little Guys bed and so flipped the mattress at the same time.
-Moved the crib and vacuumed under it and around the baseboards.

Attempted to organize the horrendous mess in the Spare Bedroom/Office/Sewing Room. Actually got quite a bit done although it still looks like a mess.
-I organized my sewing/craft corner and moved all the bins and crap under it to vacuum under there.
-Broke down all the cardboard boxes that I've gotten and save for future Etsy orders and put them all in another box.
-Tried to collect the Little Guys toys in that room and see what was missing to compare with misc toys downstairs.
-Took out a bin of outgrown toys

In addition:
-I took down and washed the curtain from the hall window (not ironed, not put back up)
-Cleaned off the window sill from above window where the DH had piled a bunch of misc junk (probably from his pockets at the end of the day)
-Did about 100 loads of laundry and got about half of them folded and put away
-Made a super yummy homemade pizza for dinner!

Okay... that sounds pretty amazing when I write it all out. I actually spent quite a bit of time reading my book in there too! The Little Guy has a bit of a cold, so we were just hanging out at home and that was really nice.

Tonight I'm at work - it's my bi-weekly night shift, but my last one for A WHOLE MONTH! Whoohoo! I'll be in Texas in two weeks, so I'll missed that one. Tired tonight though, so hoping to survive through this night. =)

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