Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Challenge Day 11

Okay... so I'm going to start out saying that I MADE myself get at least a 10 minute work-out today. It was a pretty busy day, but I squeezed it in. =)

First the Little Guy and I had to go to his TEDDY Study appointment today at 10 am. (For those curious about what the TEDDY Study is visit this post.)

Then we got home from that and he was taking a nap so I decided to take that opportunity to
1. Blog
2. Clean the baseboards in my Dining Area (lets not call it a Room... because its actually the other half of the kitchen)

Then we met my mom over at my grandma's house to continue going through her stuff. This has been quite the process and I am starting to think it's doomed to last months a year forever. It is hard to imagine that after taking bags and bags of stuff the the Goodwill every week and filling up the garbage can and recycle bin almost every month since early this summer, that we still have a lot rooms so much A TON of stuff to go through. It is a little overwhelming.

Hopefully in the next week or so I'll have some new vintage stuff up the the Etsy shop. =)

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