Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weekly Menu

I like to make up a weekly menu - it saves me from hearing "so what's for dinner tonight? what do you mean you don't know?" =) I'm not always good at actually putting together my plan though. Like this week. We've been eating pretty random stuff from the cupboards. haha

Soo... here is my plan for the next couple days and then next week:
Tonight - Cheddar Cheese Soup
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - Dinner at my parents (yay!)

Sunday - Breakfast for dinner - waffles & eggs
Monday - hubby is making dinner (yay again!) - Pork Tenderloin
Tuesday - Easier than Stir-Fry Chicken (new recipe from
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday - Homemade pepperoni pizza
Friday - Meatloaf
Saturday - leftovers

Do you make a meal plan up ahead? What are some of your favorite dishes?

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