Monday, October 11, 2010

October Challenge Days 12-14

Over the weekend I did pretty well at maintaining my good work. I kept my sink pretty clear of dishes and my living room and dining room picked up. My husband is even helping out, so that's exciting! I think he sees how hard I'm trying to keep it picked up and it's motivating him to actualy DO something. =)

This week we are in Zone 3, which for me is the Office, Nursery & Main Bathroom. I thought this week was the Kitchen, but somehow I kind of missed it, I guess.

I didn't get to my Zone cleaning today, but I did work on my Weekly Home Blessing Hour including: changed all the sheets, vacuumed carpets, emptied all trash and one load of laundry.

I meant to make up one workout over the weekend for the one I missed during the week, but I didn't get to it. Today though my Little Guy and I walked around the 2 mile loop again, so I felt pretty good about that.

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