Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Challenge Day 10

Wow! I'm getting so much done! Even when I'm feeling like having a slacker day I start to think, "no... then I will have nothing to post about tonight." or "but then I'll have to admit I did NOTHING!" So... this posting thing is really keeping me going. haha

Today I am in Zone 1, which is the Front Porch, Dining Room and Entry Way. I have a very weird house and my Entry Way is basically walking into my Living Room and my Dining Room shares a space with my Kitchen. But I DO have a Front Porch, and it was in some dire need of cleaning.

So today I -
-Swept the front porch and walkway
-Washed all the windows on the outside that I can get to from the porch including the front door window.
-Scrubbed off the porch railing (It's had bird poop on it for like a year and a half and I keep meaning to scrub it)
-Got rid of the cobwebs I could see on the porch
-Cleaned a bunch of junk off of the dining room table

See? Doesn't that sound pretty good? Just don't ask about my workout today... nonexistent.

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