Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Wonderful Mr. Fix-It

Remember my post about how my son threw a toy in the toilet? Well, that was Thursday and my wonderful husband got around to fixing it today. He had to remove the whole toilet from the bathroom

Then he put it in the bathtub and stuck a wire hanger in it (no... don't have a snake) to try to fish out the toy.

When that didn't work, he hauled it outside to our bedroom balcony (because of course this was the upstairs bathroom) and tried some more.

Of course it starts snowing out there - but pretty!

Finally he gets the bright idea to use a hose that I'd run over with my car and crushed the end, to stuff inside the toilet and force water though it to dislodge the toy...
(ummm... as you can see, I was inside during this process)
And SUCCESS! The toy is removed! HOORAY!

(The offending little toy)
My toilet is now back in place thanks to my husband and this weird stuff called "gunk". Hmm... who knew?

Always helpful to marry a guy who's worked as a plumber. Now to keep the Little Guy out of the bathroom from now on. This was just a little too much trouble to be repeated. =)

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