Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh Joy

Can you sense the sarcasm of my title?

I got to work tonight and was informed that the night shift girl had called in the night before and for tonight. Then the call I expected ... "Elsie? What time can you stay until tonight?" Well, let's see... if I wasn't totally broke, I'd probably say until 11:30 (when I'm normally supposed to get off), but the temptation of 4.5 hours of overtime pay prompted me to agree to stay until 4am.

Oh Joy.

So.... here I sit. Reading The Lovely Bones (which I'm not really enjoying by the way... it's a little too creepy for me). I'm thinking about my nice bed at home with my family and how tired I'm going to be tomorrow. Instead I'm sitting in an empty waiting room reading a creepy book. Tomorrow night is my regular bi-weekly night shift, so I have this to look forward to tomorrow night also.

Oh well... as my mom always tells me, "be thankful you have a job". I am, but I really just don't want to work anymore at all. I'm super jealous of people I hear who get to stay home with their kids all the time. Although I am very thankful that my son doesn't have to go to daycare while I'm at work.

Anyway... back to The Lovely Bones. The joys of working at a hospital.

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