Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In the last two weeks two people that I know of have been diagnosed with having large orange-sized tumors in the frontal lobes of their brain.

The first person was my cousin's husband, who is only in his mid-twenties. He had been having severe headaches and some short-term memory loss when they discovered it. The doctors think it has been growing in there for YEARS. Possibly before my cousin and he ever met. He had surgery to remove a large portion of it last Friday, but will need another surgery (while he's awake! yikes!) to remove more of it. Apparently it is so intertwined with his brain that they do not expect to remove all of it and will try some radiation and chemotherapy to take care of the rest of it. I have not heard and this point if it is cancerous or not.

The second person I do not personally know, but it is a former co-worker of my mom's. My mom guesses her to be in her early-60s. She had also had some headaches and had been feeling very run-down and tired after some vacations she'd been on. They did her surgery today - the doctors determined that her tumor is very fast-growing and most likely cancerous and will also probably require another surgery.

These are the kinds of things that are so scary in life. I can not sit here and worry that I may be next (or an immediate family member), but it's hard not to think about the possibility. Life is so fleeting and it's incredible how everything can change in just a moment. Both of these people basically went from living their normal lives to having brain surgery in the space of ONE DAY.

It makes me very thankful that I have a God that I trust in. That no matter what happens I believe that I know where I'm going and I have Someone to lean on. With Thanksgiving approaching, I am thinking of what I'm thankful for and making sure that I give thanks that my family is together and healthy at the moment - and praying that it stays that way.

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