Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last night I got a call from the nursery coordinator at our church. She needed an extra hand this morning in the Toddler room for the women's bible study and wanted to know if I'd fill in. I didn't really want too, but I knew she was desperate, so I agreed.

The reason I don't like doing it is because it makes my morning so hectic! We have a 30 minute drive to the church (they're doing road construction on the way there) and we have to be there by 9:00 am. That means getting the Little Guy up and going right away (not to mention mommy!).

Sooo... this morning I got up at 7:45, got dressed, put on my make-up and did my hair before I grabbed the Little Guy out of his crib and got him dressed. Then we headed downstairs for a quickie breakfast.

Here's where the trouble starts:
I usually let me dogs out, but one of them didn't want to come downstairs so I must have just let out one of them.
I forgot to let him back in.

I went out to the church, was there for 3 hours and was leaving the parking lot when my husband called -
DH: "did you forget something this morning?"
ME: "I don't know - what?"
DH: "The dog?"
Me: "oh no! I think I forgot him outside!"

This particular dog is an escape artist. Even on days that I'm watching him out the backyard, he gets out and runs away. Soooo... of course in 3 hours time, he had gotten out and found his way down to some friendly neighbors yard where he was apparently trying to get in her house (that was similar looking to ours, I guess). He is a big black lab and VERY friendly, but I'm sure she didn't appreciate it. He is micro-chipped and licensed, but we live pretty far from the animal shelter, so luckily a couple months ago I purchased a dog tag with our phone numbers on it. She this nice lady put him in her garage and called us. My husband was closer, so he went and picked him out.

Embarrassing! And Stupid! I'd like to blame it on the fact that I have a little person distracting me in the mornings, but I'm pretty sure I would have done something like this pre-baby. Ugh.

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