Thursday, December 23, 2010

Personalized Gift Update No 2

I drew my uncle Rob's name this year in the adult gift exchange. I was kind of stumped with what to buy him. He could pretty much buy anything he wants, I think and he just got married this past year. Hmm....

It was basically down to a gift card to West Marine - the boating store - which didn't work well with my whole "no gift cards" Christmas. Then Etsy inspiration! I found this shop, Winterberry Cottage, with these neat prints on vintage dictonary paper. My uncle has a sailboat and loves sailing and every once in awhile I see people give him nautical themed stuff, so....
I got him these two prints at only $7.80 a piece and then picked up these two frames at Target for $6.99 each. I think it turned out pretty good. =)

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