Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Stockings - Finished!

I'm sure all my followers have not had to follow my Christmas Stocking Saga because it's been going on so long. WAY BACK in November of 2009, I decided to make some stockings for our family since we obviously needed to add one for our Little Guy! Our previous stockings were just two I'd bought somewhere, but I really wanted to make some special ones.

First, I searched the Internet for stocking patterns in this post.
Then I picked my pattern and bought my fabric in this post.
Showed off my fabric choices here (and was still super excited at this point).
And lastly, had some issues here.

Sooo... at Christmas last year, I ended up with the Little Guy's totally done except the hanger, my husband's finished up except the binding and hanger and mine wasn't even embroidered yet. We ended up using the Little Guy's and our two old ones. Bummer.

Then my original plan was to finish them up quick to be put away with the Christmas decorations and then they would be done when we set up this year. Yeah, right. Not motivated to do something like that right after Christmas. Sooooo... finally last night I finished up my last one. Thanks to my mom for coming over and helping me with my machine (yet ag ain) and with the binding.

I'm really happy to have them done and HANGING UP... before Christmas! Whoohoo!

yes, I know this shows all our names, but I'm too proud to blur them out.
I hand embroidered them!

Please excuse my sort of messy house.
Ta Da! I made them purposely out of three different but coordinating fabrics, so that if/when we have another baby I can find another fabric to coordinate. I chose the Christmas Stocking Tutorial by Anna over at Noodlehead.

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