Friday, January 14, 2011

I promise I haven't dropped off the planet yet...

I'm still around... still no computer! Hopefully soon. I planned to bring a couple of my finished books to work tonight and post a couple book reviews, but I forgot them. Oops. I was actually kind of bummed because I like to do my reviews right away while my impression of the book is still fresh, but I guess those two will have to be a little late. I thought about writing them out on a sheet of paper and just typing them in when I got my computer back, but that that just seemed like a daunting task. What did people do before computers?! I can't write more than a couple paragraphs before getting a writers cramp in my hand... does that mean I have weak hand muscles??? Ha! But I can type like 70 words per minute, so it just mean that there are different muscles developed, right? =)

So... I'm sure I'll have a lot to say when I finally get my computer back... I'm getting a lot of books read though without the computer around!

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