Saturday, January 8, 2011


Last night my DH was out at a friends house playing video games, so I made myself a cup of tea, got out my knitting and settled back to watch a couple movies through Netflix on the Xbox 360 (I have to add that this is the ONLY thing this stupid game console is good for, in my opinion!).

First I watched that documentary Babies. I have to say it was pretty interesting and I really enjoyed it. Luckily someone had warned me about the amount of boob shots, so I wasn't surprised. haha I found that I had a hard time knitting while watching that movie though because there's really no talking - just images, so it's kind of necessary to actually watch.

Apparently I was on a baby documentary theme for the night because I found another one that a fellow co-worker suggested that I watch. His wife also had a c-section with their first baby. He's in nursing school now and his wife is pregnant with their 2nd child and I think he's got a little bit different perspective this time around. Anyway... he suggested a few months ago that I watch The Business of Being Born and I finally got around to it.

The Business of Being BornI really enjoy my job and the hospital I work and is very nice and I feel like the nurses and doctors are all very skilled. I don't want to put them down at all, but I have to say, working in the birth center, as well as giving birth here, I would agree with a lot of what this video talks about. I'm not going to talk a lot about this video or my opinions about it, except to say that I think it would be an excellent resource for women who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. As a VBAC (vaginal delivery after Cesarean) is not currently an option at the hospital I work at and I'd feel very uncomfortable having a home birth after a c-section, I'm not sure how to use this information personally, but I think that it's always good to be informed. AND using midwives during my pregnancy and most of my labor, I have to say, I am very in favor of midwives and I think many people are very misinformed about them in general.

So, if you feel so inclined, check it out because it will give you a lot of food for thought if nothing else!

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