Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toddler Gym

Today the Little Guy and I had our first Toddler Gym class at the local Community Center. It's one of those things that I've been meaning to do with him for quite awhile and just now got around to it. I was sure he would like it because he's such a social butterfly and loves being around people. Not to mention he also loves music!

Now me on the other hand... I was not really looking forward to mingling with the other toddler parents. I'm not sure why really, I just tend to think that a lot of parents are annoying people. I'm a pretty laid back person, I think, and it just seems like a lot of parents are kind of uptight about their kids. This does not mean that I allow my child to be a total brat and don't pay any attention to him, it just means that I don't freak out if someone hits my kid or he falls over or he gets a little dirty... because that's what happens with kids. But... I decided I better start getting used to annoying parents, because we have a lot of years of school, sports and other activities ahead of us.
(but that didn't stop me from confiding to my husband last night that I kinda wished I had a friend who had a toddler and could go with me for moral support - does that sound stupid?)

Anyway... we arrived and had a great time! Both of us did. The other parents were nice, not annoying (umm... there may have been one exception, but I just tried to steer clear of her and her son). The other kids were friendly. To be honest - I think I had the most annoying kid. Not that he was bad, but he got really, really wired when we were there. I think he was just SO excited about all the new people, toys and activities that he couldn't quite handle it all. I finally had to sit him down on my lap and kind of calm him down a little. Luckily he didn't take out any little girls on the slide or bean any other adults on the head with the ball, so all-in-all, a success.

AND although I think I'm going to be able to take him to all eight classes, I was happy to see another dad at the class, so if I end up working one day, my husband would be able to fill in for me and not feel too weird. =)

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