Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Garden Planning

Although I would love to have a large sprawling vegetable garden, that's not really possible where we live. We rent our house and although we could tear up the yard for a garden, I'm not really willing to do that and then I have to re-sod it if we move.

My solution has been Square Foot Gardening (SFG). The last couple years have not been very successful - Spring 2009 I gave birth and Spring 2010 I had a barely one-year-old and I just couldn't get motivated. THIS year, I've decided to do some serious planning so that I have no excuse. The Little Guy can come out in the yard with me.

My husband is going to fence in a small portion of the backyard so that our dogs can't go running through my beds (will also prevent them pooping around my garden). This way I can also have my Little Guy out there with me without having to worry about him falling in the lake behind out house.

Right now I'm looking through my SFG book and trying to figure out which crops I might try this year and whether I'm going to do seeds or seedlings and then how and where I'm going to plant them.

Maybe if I have a good plan I'll follow through with it... =)

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