Friday, March 4, 2011

I Won! and some other Goodness

I was so excited when I got to work tonight and started reading through my regular blogs (graveyard shift - not much else to do). I was scrolling through and then something caught my eye - Winner of the Tassimo T20 Brewing System "elsie".

What!? That's me! I mean, how many Elsie's can there be in the world? =)
(not that many - at least - not that many under the age of 80 and I doubt they are entering blog contests)

So that was pretty exciting - discovered by going to my email that my winners email had gone into my spam folder, so I was pretty lucky to read that post! I could have missed out!

In other news:
My son goes around the house singing now - not sure what he's singing, but its super cute nonetheless
Whenever you ask him a question he shakes his head. He doesn't actually tell you "no", but he emphatically shakes his head - it's really cute.

AND a few cute etsy finds:
Venus Everyday Purse
by BayanHippo $33.00
I love this!

Men's Hand Stamped Keychain
by JLynnCreations $36.00

Colorful Mushroom Non-Snag Stitch Markers
by winemakerssister $8.95

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