Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review: Wahmies One-Size

I received the Wahmies One-Size diaper as a blog giveaway winner! I was pretty excited to have the chance to try out this diaper because it is so unique!

This is a pocket diaper with the outside made from a PUL outer layer and a very soft polyester velour lining. It is extremely easy to stuff and remove the soaker.

(photo - Malachi wearing diaper)

The Wahmies One-Size has 4 rise settings (snaps) and still fits my 30lb toddler. It comes with a very nice bamboo and cotton "fold to fit" insert that you can fold to customize to fit the needs of your child. I have found the insert to be very absorbent. This is the only diaper I have with a bamboo insert and I found it surprisingly thin. I was afraid my son would soak right through it, but it seems to hold a lot of liquid! =)

The most unique part of the Wahmies One-Size is that instead of the usual snaps or Velcro closure at the waist, there are hooks and loops.

I go back and forth about what I think about these "quick hooks". They definitely allow for a wide range of fit. If you have a child who you've had a difficult time finding a diaper that fits properly, this would probably be a wonderful diaper to try!

Personally, I find the hook and loops a little cumbersome on a wiggly toddler and my husband refuses to even attempt it. Putting the diaper on does not seem to cause me as much trouble as taking it off - as the hooks do their job VERY WELL and I have a hard time un-hooking them while the diaper is on my son.

If you have a child who likes to take off their diaper - this would also be an awesome diaper for you. I do not think there is a child out there who could figure out how to un-hook the waistband of this diaper.

Pros: Soft inner lining, excellent fit, absorbent insert
Cons: Depending on your needs, the hook and loop closure could be a pro or con!

Buy it:
The Wahmies One-Size diaper retails at $17.95. Click here to find a list of available retailers!

Disclaimer: This review is my personal and honest opinion. I received this diaper from a blog giveaway and was not compensated by the company in any way. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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