Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking back - I wish I had...

Looking back, I can see a couple things I would have done differently.

I would have started earlier. I was nervous using cloth diapers at first. I was not really sure what I was doing or how well it was going to work, so I'd use them in spurts. If something went wrong, I wouldn't try it again for a few days (or longer).

I'm not sure what happened, but along the way I got braver. If I had another baby right now, I'd wait until the meconium was gone and then I would start using my cloth immediately. I realize now that my son was a little on the small (as in skinny legs) side and I think that may have contributed to the leaks. I think I would be more apt to figure out what the cause was instead of just giving up.

I think I would make more of an effort to fix the problems and not just give up for awhile.

Secondly, I definitely would have invested in another wetbag right away. I still don't have a second one (although it's on my MUST-GET list) and while I am washing my diapers, I have to just put my dirty diapers on the floor or in the bathtub until my one pail liner is done drying! Silly! and kinda gross! A second wetbag would have solved this problem and made my life so much easier. I have one that is a pail liner, but I need to get a hanging one for my bathroom

One other thing I didn't realize was that when my son got over a year, the stink factor greatly increased. I'm not sure if something in the make-up of the urine actually changed or if it was just that he was peeing larger quantities, but somewhere between 12-18 months old it got bad. I had to move the diaper pail out of his room because if it sat in his closed room all night it would reek. Then I discovered pail powders - sprinkling some baking soda or a pail powder in the diaper pail would greatly reduce the stink of the soiled diapers. Obviously, washing your diapers more often will also keep down the stink, but if I'm working a lot or something, sometimes I don't wash them as often as I should.

Any questions? I'd love to hear suggestions, stories or comments.

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