Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Sprout Surprise Gift Exchange?

First of all, I want to say hello to all my new readers!
I am very excited that you've found me and I hope that you choose to stay!

I purposely do not require a GFC follow for my giveaways
in hopes that you WANT to be a follower (and leave me comments!)

I have a little question for all my readers...
(there are almost 450 of you now - wow!)

I was thinking that it may be fun to have a gift exchange between readers.
I have a theme/idea in mind, but thought I'd find out an interest level
before putting a bunch of work into it.
I'm thinking a $20-$25 spending limit -
do you think that sounds like a reasonable amount?

You would send a gift and receive a gift - just for fun!
Who doesn't love getting surprises in the mail?!

Send me an email or leave me a comment here
if you'd be interested in participating.

More details to come!

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