Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sticky Fingers

Hmm... you probably thought this post was going to be
about the Little Guy, didn't you?
Well!  You're wrong -
okay... it has something to do with him... but not the sticky fingers part. =)

Yesterday I stopped by the library to pick up a book for myself (Meg Cabot's Insatiable - which is GREAT btw!) and decided to pick up a couple for the Little Guy as well.

Good Night, Gorilla
One was Goodnight Gorilla,

and the next one was a
Curious George Board Book.

Well, long story short - the Little Guy got a hold of the Curious George one and ripped the top layer of the board book off the inside back cover!  Ack!
He hasn't destroyed a book in quite some time, so I wasn't expecting it!
Sitting on my counter was a bottle of Elmer's Spray Adhesive -
and I got the bright idea to just spray the paper and stick it back on
(as you can see - it didn't stick very well)
Apparently, I got it all over my hands because
I'm the one with the sticky fingers! 
It's terrible - and very sticky!
I have lint sticking to my fingernails and, just now, I was thinking about
what I was going to write and had my hand up to my face
and it stuck to the hairs on my face! Ack!

The hazzards of being a mommy. =)

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