Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Day

This morning we met my parents at IHOP for breakfast before heading off to church where we attended one service and then I worked in the One's class for the second (where everyone seemed to be in a crying mood this morning - blah!)
Next my mom and I made a trip to Starbucks before heading to my house where I had to get the Little Guy down for a nap and then head off to work.
I snagged a bunch of coupon inserts from our work papers again and sat here trying to figure out how I'm going to use my Albertson's doublers. Last week I had a pretty good experience and they didn't scare me away - SO I decided I'll try it again! This time around I'm going to have to do multiple transactions though, so I'm hoping I don't get too overwhlemed.
I told my mom I'd meet her at Albertson's when I get off work tonight! Ha! I don't know that she's that excited to go shopping at 11:30 PM, but I don't want to wait until tomorrow when they've sold out of everything! AND I figure that it won't be too busy at that point, so I won't feel bad about holding up the line doing multiple transactions.
We'll see how it goes.
I'm also trying to plan out our camping trip while I'm here today. We're leaving to go camping on Thursday through next Monday. The weather is iffy and we have a two-year-old - a combonation which should make for an interesting trip. Also, we're camping with some other people, which is actually making it more stressful to me because I feel like I'm having to take charge of the situation (like food) or we are going to be completely unprepared!
Is anyone going on summer trips this year? Does anyone try to take big trips with their kids or do you stick with shorter ones? 

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