Monday, May 23, 2011


My late night couponing trip was a success!

My mom and I combined our doubler coupons to maximize our savings.
The Breakdown:
22 items
Retail Cost: $74.18
Savings: $59.49
Total Paid: $14.69

This included a gallon of milk that wasn't on sale. I was pretty amazed! 
Then we split up our purchases. We each got 2 things of mayo, 4 salad dressings and 2 boxes of spaghetti noodles. I also took home 2 jugs of Juicy Juice and stuff to make Smores for our camping trip this weekend.

And the extra good news.... (drum roll....)
My husband got a new job today! Woohoo! Making the same wage he was making at a previous job, but he had to drive at least 80 miles a day then and now he'll be closer to home. God really blessed us because this job just basically fell into his lap. He didn't apply for it - they called him!

Not sure when he's starting yet, but a weight has been lifted. 

Now... off to the laundry pile....

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