Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Word Explosion

The past week or so has seen a word explosion
from my son. I was starting to think he was never
going to actually talk - I mean, he talks all the time, but
no one can understand him.

The past couple weeks have added a surprising 
amount of words all at once.
House, yellow, blue, purple, bus, cracker, cookie, cow, stick
help, baby, rock, milk, ice, gone, black, bat, bubble ...
(there are more... but I just can't think of them.
I'm sure my mom will remember them and post them at the bottom)

Today we were driving down the road around noon and he
kept seeing all the school buses out and about.
Every few minutes I'd here "lelow bus!" (yellow bus!)
Then once he just said, "bus, bus!" and I didn't see a 
school bus, so I was about to say that I didn't see one when -
low and behold - there was a city bus, which is NOT yellow.

He's also making some connections like when he sees something
small he calls it a baby. For example, a small fish is, "a baby fish!"
or a small rock is, "a baby rockie!" And big things are "BIG". =)

He's also singing a very adorable rendition of the ABCs
without most of the letters. He just sort of 
makes them up as he goes along. 

All in all, this is a very fun age. 
He's driving me nuts with some temper tantrums and fits, 
but personally, I think this is way more 
fun than the baby stage.

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