Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring Reading Thing 2011 Wrap-Up

Wrap up for the Spring Reading Thing over at 
Callapidder Days!
Well, I didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped in some respects -
but I read a lot more books than I planned on!

Here's my Original Post

My original list of books included:
3 Sookie Stackhouse books - completed
2 books for publisher reviews - completed
2 stand alone's - completed

The only thing I didn't finish was my goal of finishing the last 3 books in the Outlander series. I finished one, I'm 63% through the second and (obviously) have not even started the last one.
Although this kind of bums me out (I really like to complete my goals!), I think I under-estimated the SIZE of the last three books in this series. All of the books in this series are VERY long, but the last two are over 1000 pages each. The one I'm currently on, An Echo in the Bone is 1439 pages long and I'm at about 900 something.

I also read a bunch of books in between each Outlander novel, waiting for my friend to finish it and give it to me. =)

Sooooo.... I actually completed an additional SIX books that weren't on my original list.

Yay! It was fun and I'll be doing this again in the Fall!

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