Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Can I just say that my biggest
pet peeve about giveaways is when it's required to
become a follower of that blog to enter?
I'm probably in the minority here - but what can I say?
The whole point of hops is to get exposure -
yes I get it - and to get more followers.
BUT, there is no way someone can follow 200 blogs and
actually participate or read them all!
I actually join more blogs when they DON'T require a follow.
Usually I look to see if they require a follow and if so,
I don't even check out what they're giving away.
Maybe that's wrong of me.
All that to say -
I hope you enter my giveaways.
I hope you win.
I hope you choose to follow my blog if you want too.
And if so, I hope you participate and leave me some comments. =)
Thank you to all my voluntary followers!
(and thank you to all the other wonderful bloggers out there
who allowed me to enter their giveaways regardless of
follower status - I found a few new book blogs along the way!)

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