Monday, July 11, 2011

Mad Hatter's Tea Party - Bunco!

So tonight I hosted our monthly bunco group at my house. We always have a theme - and some are better than others. Some people go all out and some are pretty lame, but we always have a good time.

I organize the group and maybe that's why I feel the need to be an overachiever. Seriously. I think I spend WAY more money than anyone else on my decorations than anyone else. But on the other hand, I think mine are really fun and everyone ends up hanging out for a long time after, SO I judge that as being a success! =)

Anyway... this year, I did a Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme. My original plan was to have it outdoors - but 2 hours before people were supposed to arrive it started raining. Yuck - it hasn't rained in a week. Soooo.... my friend Stephanie helped me move it all inside and we went to Plan B.

Here's a few pictures:
I ordered the clock and the Eat Me/Drink Me tags from a wonderful Etsy Shop, Windrosie. My mom made the arrow signs for me and the table is set with teacups and a teapot full of tea.

My friend, Stephanie, made these awesome molded chocolate mousse teacups!

And here's my mom and I as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts! You can also see my croquet playing flamingos in my yard!

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