Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remember When.... Traveling Edition

Remember when...
*you went on vacation at a moments notice?
*you packed your bag the night before?
*you didn't worry about what would happen along the way
all in the name of "it's an adventure!"
*the worst thing you worried about forgetting was your toothbrush?
*you got to read or whatever you wanted most of the time?

Well, then you have a baby and it all changes.....
My son and I are going on a trip with my parents and two other couples that are friends of my parents.
My son's bag is stuffed full.
In addition to my toothbrush, I also had to remember:
*the pack-n-play
*diapers & wipes
*crib sheets
*toys (new and old)
*favorite books
*his "wivia" (Olivia) and "doggie"
*sippy cups
*enough clothes to last a 5 day trip (a lot)
to name a few...

Things I worry about, but never used too:
*extremely long car rides
*places without carts
*eating out
*disrupted sleep schedules

It also costs a lot more - my mom bought:
*a new Thomas Take-n-Play set
*a new stroller
(I had an annoying small one and my ginormous one)

I know it's going to be fun, but I wish my husband was going
(he has to work)
and somehow this trip seems scarier than the previous ones we've done.
Maybe it's that we've entered the Crazy Twos
(I refuse to called them "Terrible)
where we have loud, crazy meltdowns and temper tantrums
where we're having some power struggles
where a certain little person is trying to exert his independence.

Things I'm thankful for:
*it's supposed to be sunny! yay!
*the tip I read somewhere to bring "rest area" toys
(I'm bringing bubbles and some balls!)

Okay... well, all that to say....
We start off in Oregon with my parents and then
we're coming home and going camping with my husband.
(yes, we're crazy doing two trips in one week)

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