Monday, August 1, 2011

Playing Catch Up

We are back from our week of vacationing. Whew! I'm tired.
We spent Sunday - Thursday with my parents and friends in Bend, OR
then we spent Friday - Sunday at a local campground.

I came home with a cold and super tired.

Stupidly, I also took on a couple extra shifts at work this week,
so I got home yesterday, did all our laundry
and today I'm at work. Yay.

Anyway... I have a few things to catch up on here.
Pictures to post of our travels,
a winner to annouce (although I've already contacted her)
and blogs to catch up on.

I'm trying to be a better blog follower.
I'm generally more of a blog lurker.
I read quite a few blogs, but I'm trying to be a better commenter.
Bloggers love comments and so I feel that I should
make an effort to leave them for my favorite bloggers!

Are you a follower or a lurker? =)

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