Monday, July 18, 2011

Wildlife Refuge Nature Walk

Whew! I tell you .... I'm worn out!
We've had a busy weekend.
First the Steam Train Ride on Saturday,
then we celebrated my mom's birthday yesterday
and today we headed out to a local wildlife refuge and 
walked the nature trail.

This was the last day I'm probably going to be seeing my uncle
who's out visiting this week, so it was a fun time.

It was very beautiful.

Running, running, running.... 
this would be why I'm so worn out!

We took some pictures by some really cool 
old barns built in 1932
My dad and his brother and sister
(and the Little Guy)
and Me and my Little Guy. =)

Oh! and just to prove that I've been sticking to my diet
here's what I had for dinner. Yum, right?

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