Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite Blogs?

I was just sitting here reading through my list of blogs
in Google Reader and started looking at my interesting mix of
blogs I follow on a regular basis.

I follow A LOT of book blogs (18ish)
(well, I think it's a lot)

A few crafty/home blogs (about 6)

A bunch of mommy blogs (16)

Giveaway blogs (8)

Food blogs (2)

Couponing or frugal living blogs (5)

Other (including personal friends blogs) (9)

I've actually pared this down quite a bit in the last few months. I used to
follow quite a few cloth diapering blogs, as well, but since I feel like we're leaving that stage of life for the moment, I've stopped following those.

I used to follow a lot more crafty blogs, but I don't have time
to do everything I want try.

I've really sorted through my mommy blogs to figure out
who I REALLY want to read about.

But then I was trying to think:
What is my favorite blog or blogs in this list??
If I had to choose, what would I read about??

Hard choice!
Favorite crafty blog? Noodlehead
Favorite mommy blog? Not sure I have just one, but I consistantly read:
Favorite book blog? ReadingWithoutRestraint

What are your favorite blogs??
I'm always looking for some new and interesting reading material!

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