Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Findings #3

A little compilation of what I've found of interest
 in my wanderings throughout the
blogosphere and general WWW this week.

  • I wish I'd seen these beautiful "Floofs" a couple weeks ago for baby shower decorations!
  • Cute & cheap personalized wall decor - neat idea! and easy!

  • I think I need to try making a couple of these Mason Jar Vases - so cute!
Parenting/Child Rearing:

  • We're getting primed for some potty training ... loved this article on using Cloth Trainers.
  • A good post from Simply Stacie regarding the ongoing debate between Working Moms vs. Stay At Home Moms and how we should be supporting each other regardless of the situation.
  • I love this post by a cloth diapering momma on being a Slacker Mom, Or Genius on Potty Training. (I think I may fall into this category considering I have been putting off "potty training" for some time now!)

    What have YOU found of interest this week?

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