Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

I'm not exactly sure what it is about places like this, but going to the pumpkin patch is SO FUN! I think I was almost as excited as the Little Guy. =)

This is the first year we've taken him to a pumpkin patch locally. 
(2 years ago we went to the Roloff Farm in Oregon)
Apparently there are quite a few pumpkin patches to chose from in our area, so I asked around and we decided on the Schilter Family Farm, which was very fun.

They have a variety of fun things to do. We only had about an hour before they closed, so we did what we thought the Little Guy would think was the most fun, and then picked out our pumpkins.
First, the Hay Ride...

Next, the Petting Zoo.
We saw, goats, pigs, ducklings, a pony and a cow.

And lastly, of course, the Pumpkin Patch!

He was slightly upset about the prickly stem on the "punkin"
But eventually he got over it.

And lastly... a photo with mommy. =)
Compared with our last visit to the pumpkin patch when he was 6 months old!

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