Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mommy School - Week Two

The Little Guy and I are having SO much fun with our Mommy School!
We did a bunch more fun activities this week and checked out some new books from the library. We spend lots of time on the couch reading all our Mommy School books!

This last week we read books from last week and...
The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis &
The Three Bears by Byron Barton

We made some pumpkin and apple sugar cookies...

Other activities...
We used 9 pumpkin cut-outs in 3 sizes and sorted and counted them.
We colored the number "3", which he can now identify by sight.
We used the movement cards to act out things like Creep like a Cat and Roll like a Pumpkin, etc (we greatly enjoyed this activity!)

Next week I want to do some painting (!), we're going to visit the pumpkin patch and break out the flannel board that I made this week for some stories. AND we got a couple new books from the library today to add to our stash.

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