Monday, October 31, 2011

Strange Events

I haven't posted much this week.
I've been incredibly tired it the past couple days and so I've been napping during the day (when I'd normally be posting)
and then working in the evening the past few days.

I've had a couple strange things happen to me the way home the past two weekends, which has not helped the situation.

Last Friday, the 24th, I was on my way home from a game night with some friends at about 1:30 am. I drove into my development, which is fairly wooded and dark, and saw two large blue yard waste bins lying across the road - blocking it.
I meant to drive around them (basically in the ditch), but then I noticed there was a black cable running underneath and decided that maybe I should risk it - I mean some stupid kids could have set up a booby-trap or something.

I backed-up into a side street and turned my car around to go around the other way, but someone had layed a metal ladder across the roadway in the other direction while I'd been sitting there! At this point, I was pretty freaked out, but luckily I could drive around the edge of the ladder. I called the Sherrif once I got home and went to bed.

Then... on Saturday night I was coming home from work at about the same time, 1:30 am and pulled into the development. In about the same area as the last incident, there was a lot of debris in the road, sticks and a crushed soda can or two. I thought that was a little weird, but like I said, we live in a wooded area and I just figured it'd been windy while I'd been at work. As I drove through a large stick came flying at my windshield (luckily broke apart) and completely freaked me out! Someone had thrown it at my car! Seriously!?

I drove home, and woke up my husband. He took one of our dogs and a giant spotlight he has for hunting. He drove around, but only came across a couple teenagers driving out who (of course denied knowing anything). I called the Sherrif again.... mostly because it was the 2nd incident. They actually had the officer call me back and talk to me, but they didn't find anything.

The whole thing is very strange... I'm a little nervous when I drive home now!
Tonight is Halloween, so I'm hoping that because it's a weeknight those crazy people won't be out to get my car again!!!

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