Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just in Time

Just in time, my husband and I bought our Little Guy his "big boy bed."
Up until today, he's never attempted to climb out of his crib and I've been more than willing to let him just stay in it as long as possible. But lately, I've been thinking it's probably time to get him a bigger bed, so Saturday we picked up a toddler bed and mattress for $50 off Craigslist.

He loved it right away.
It's been sitting in our living room because we have to disassemble his crib and move it out of his room before we can put the new bed upstairs.

Well... apparently we have to do that now.
Today I put him in a time-out in his crib and the next thing I knew he was coming down the stairs. Uh, oh. Now, we are currently attempting to have a nap time, but he has crawled out of his crib 4 times now in an attempt to foil naptime. Grrr....

My Little Guy is growing up... no doubt about it.
Now... how am I going to get him to stay in that toddler bed for naptime??? Hmm....

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