Friday, November 4, 2011


This week is turning out to be fairly productive for me!

Two days ago my husband brought me home a large bottle of vodka - yes vodka. I had asked him to buy me a lot for my Christmas project. He looked at me a little funny, but finally (2 months later) he brought it home.

So yesterday, while my son was supposed to be taking a nap in his big boy bed (noticed the emphasis on "supposed". A nap did not happen yesterday), I made up my gifties!
I used THIS tutorial I gleaned from Pinterest and made up bottles of homemade vanilla extract for family and friends this year. It was pretty fun and I'm excited to taste the finished product. I've been told that the homemade kind is much better than store-bought (but really, what isn't??)

Today I've been working on a burlap wreath that I started a couple weeks ago. Again, during nap time (where a nap is actually taking place), I've been cutting out burlap flower petals and I'm going to attempt to assemble them.
This is another Pinterest project I came across. I'm not so good and free-handing things, so I was a little nervous about the petals. The author of the tutorial said her scanner broke and couldn't upload the pattern for the petals, so I had to make it up. I'm thinking they are going to be fine though.....
My un-assembled petals....

I've decided I should try a Pinterest project every week.... or at least a recipe. =)
We'll see how it goes!

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