Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goals

So I thought I'd follow up my depressing life post with something a little bit more fun. =)
I decided I wasn't going to make actual Resolutions this year... but I'd just set a few goals for myself and see where it takes us. Some are personal goals and some are family goals.

Goals 2012:
1. Go on 12 dates with my husband
2. Go to a movie at the drive-in theater
(I have always wanted to do this - and we never make it there)
3. Take my son to the zoo
(I already have Groupon tickets for this!)
4. Take my son to NW Trek
5. Take my son to the Hands On Children’s Museum
6. Go camping at least once
(I had twice, but I'm going to be pregnant or with a new baby this summer..... sooo)
7. Read at least 50 books
(My goal this year was 60 and I didn't quite reach it. I figured with a new baby I'll be lucky to make it to 50)
8. Attempt one craft a month with my son
9. Read a Jane Austen novel
10. Go fishing
11. Attend a performance of the Seattle Symphony
12. Go through a corn maze
13. Grow a vegetable garden
14. Attempt to can something besides jam this summer

15. Sew something for myself
16. Keep a prayer journal
17. Make monthly freezer meals
18. Do a monthly Mommy School-type unit with my son
Are you doing resolutions this year?? or some type of goals??
I'd love to read them... sometimes I get inspired by other people's ideas.
Link it up if you have a blog or just post in the comments!

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