Friday, December 30, 2011

Catching Up

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I feel like I've been very MIA on my blog lately.
I would like to blame this on being pregnant, but that probably just not the case.

Ever feel like everything just comes at you at once??

In September my husband and I were feeling pretty secure about his job. He'd had it for about 4 months by that time and he was really enjoying it. So we decided we'd try for a baby.

October I was pregnant - yay!

Thanksgiving week - my husband got laid off. He's still technically employed, but they have no work for the foreseeable future.

His new claim for unemployment wasn't going to be active until the end of December.... ummm.. so no money coming in except for my part-time income for about 3 weeks.

We rent from my in-laws. THEY apparently are having money troubles also, but haven't shared that information until now and they have decided to sell the house we've been living in for about 5 years.

We have no money to move. We can barely cover our rent, let alone an extra deposit.

Soooo... that's where we are.

I started packing up the house today. 
They are going to try to short sell it, so we have to be out by the end of February at the latest.
I've never really liked this house, but it's still depressing.
My husband is very hurt and stressed out by the whole situation (there's of course more drama to the situation, but I don't want to share it here).

I'm attempting to just trust God that this is going to turn out okay and not stress.
I figure that doesn't do me or the baby any good.

All my free computer time is spent searching for jobs or houses.

Sooo... I'm hoping that that pretty soon we can have this all behind us and I can do a little more fun blogging! Cuz that sounds like a much better idea to me. =)

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