Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finding Our Tree!

I Love, Love, Love going to cut down our Christmas tree!
It is one of my favorite traditions!
My husband's family never had live trees when he was growing up, so his first experience was going with me after we got married. Sorry... but nothing compares to a real tree. And the one year we used a fake one, it lost so many stupid needles that I was sure I might as well have been cleaning up after a real one. At least the real ones smell good for your effort!

Anyway.... we lucked out with no rain and since my husband is currently laid off, we went on a weekday. I think we were the only ones there!

The Little Guy just loves tromping around after Daddy

Helping cut down the tree!

I told him it was a big tree.... apparently he didn't believe me....
I think a little more is going to have to come off. haha!

Merry Christmas!

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