Friday, December 9, 2011


Can we be honest?
Some days are hard as a mom.
Some days nothing seems to go right and you really have to think hard to remember the good parts of the day.

Take today, for example:
I attempted some shopping at Michael's - just a quick in-and-out.
Not only did they NOT have what I was looking for, but I had a screaming child most of the way and eventually ended up storming out of the store with a sobbing and snotty-nosed kid.

The next store, wasn't much better, but we had grandma with us, so at least we didn't have any screaming or crying.

I gave up after that and went home.

Then there was no nap - oh wait, there WAS a nap - but it was ME sleeping in the rocking chair while he talked to himself.

Then we attempted to decorate the Christmas tree.
I'm happy to say only one thing got broken and I didn't care about it, but I was completely stressed out and most of the ornaments we were handling were shatterproof ones.
(side note: before bed tonight he was saying "Careful.... VERY careful..." as he attempted to put something back on the tree. Apparently he WAS listening)

Next was the hour of getting into everything - the coffee grounds out of the coffee maker, the yarn I was attempting to make a craft out of, the food I didn't want him to eat....

By the time Daddy got home, Mommy was almost in tears and about to put myself in a time-out.

Some days are hard.
Thank goodness not every day is like that.
I'm ready for bed... anyone else?

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