Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow, Ice and No Power

Well, we have survived the 14" of snow, the ice storm and the crazy aftermath,
but we still don't have any power at my house.

I'm not sure when we'll get it back, but I'm hoping by tomorrow.
There is a nice, big tree hanging on the power lines and those power lines keep sagging farther and father down each time I drive by.

Today I headed over to my parents with the Little Guy so he could have a change of pace and I could get a shower. He's been pretty good the past two days without power, but this morning he was saying "Watch TV? watch TV?" and when I told him that "we can't watch TV, no power" he ran over and was like, "I fix it!" Poor guy... doesn't really understand the whole concept. =)

So... I'm off the grid for the moment. I got some pretty neat pictures of the ice storm, so I'll share them when I get a computer back.... hopefully soon.

I'm also due to move this week, so hopefully I'll get a little blogging in there somewhere.

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