Thursday, February 16, 2012


My Little Guy has become friends with a little girl at our church.

I watch her some Wednesday's when her mom works. She is quite a bit younger than he is, he's almost three and she's not yet two, but that doesn't seem to matter. She's pretty tough and can keep up with him for the most part. 

They are so cute together!

Here are some pictures from when we took them to a local park on a sunny day about a week ago.
These are all taken with my phone, so they probably aren't the best quality.

This last picture is my favorite, although I was completely freaked out that she was going to fall into the lake because she stuck her head through the rails and leaned way over! Glad her mom was there to supervise. haha.
The best part of this picture is their little muddy bottoms! Although the day is sunny, it had been raining and the park was pretty soggy... obviously they had a few falls.

I love that he has some little friends and watching them interact. They are so free with their affections and friendship.

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