Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project Pinterest #4

I haven't posted a Project Pinterest in awhile. I've been a little too busy to get to these projects, but I DID have a fun Craft Night at my house a week ago and make sure I made up some yummy treats pulled from my Pinterest  board! =)

Best Oatmeal Cookies - I would not say these were the best. I thought they were too flat. I like a more chunky cookie personally. But they tasted good.

Fresh Apple Cake w/ Brown Sugar Glaze - this one was a winner, I thought. Very easy and yummy. I think I cooked the glaze a little too long though because it was too hard on top of the cake when it cooled. I guess I'll have to try again! =)

Also... my husband has been asking for Lemon Bars for quite awhile now, so I surprised him the other day by just making some out of the blue and leaving them on the counter for when he came home from work. (good wife, right!?)

Perfect Lemon Bars - another winner. Easy and came out... perfect. Yum!

Let's not dwell too much on the fact that these are all sugary, fattening, yummy foods ookay? =) Maybe next time I'll have some actual projects finished.

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