Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well, it was a super full weekend in our house!
I have barely had time to check my email, let alone blog!

At my work, we had our $800 million software implementation that I was a part of,
we also had family here visiting from out-of-state,
AND most importantly... someone's 3rd birthday!!!
(pictures of the birthday bash will follow in a later post)

Anyway... all that is behind us and I'm hoping to get back to a more normal routine now.

All that busyness and I had no time to crack open a book!
Today I had to go in for my 2 hour glucose test and so I took the opportunity to finish the  book I've been working on and start another one that I'm pretty excited about!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by author Krista Holle regarding her new book
The Lure of Shapinsay. 
I was interested in this book rooted in Scottish mythology about the selkies - beautiful seal men and women who live the bulk of their life under the water as seals, but they occasionally shed their skins to come on land as humans.

Watch this trailer of the book....

Intrigued aren't you?? =)
I'll be posting my review as soon as I finish the book along with some giveaways!
Can't wait to read it yourself??? Order it from Amazon!

Visit Krista's website for more information.

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