Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cowboy Birthday Party

My Little Guy is now THREE!
I always think it's dumb when people make a big deal about how their kids are getting bigger/older  - but even I will admit that sometimes it hits your more than at other times. =)

Sunday the 25th was his birthday and we celebrated on Saturday.
In the midst of my crazy work schedule and our family visiting from out-of-state,
(this was not a normal visit... this was family we'd basically never met... but let's not get sidetracked here...)
we squeezed in a Cowboy Themed Birthday Party for a special boy.

I found these awesome invitations from a shop on Etsy.

I got up early and worked all day creating... many ideas I gleaned from Pinterest, of course!
Like using Mason jars as glasses and stuffing them with bandannas for napkins and the utensils!
I forgot to take a picture, but I also scooped my ice cream ahead of time into really cute bandanna cupcake baking cups (ordered from, so they were ready to go at cake time - another Pinterest idea!

We served:
Cornbread muffins
Hot dogs
Potato Salad
Root Beer & Lemonade
Here's a picture of my cornbread muffins... using the same bandanna cupcake baking cups that I used for the ice cream.

I placed them into a basket I had lying around with a couple bandanna's to keep them from drying out before the party.

On Etsy, I found some cute bandanna pendant banners, but knew we could make them easily. My mom made us two of these festive banners!

She also made us up some cowboy cookies to give away as favors.
The birthday boy helped her with the sprinkles apparently... so they were well sprinkled!

I have a super awesome cake-decorator friend who makes his cake for me every year.

Finally... here's a picture of the Cowboy himself...
decked out with his boots, hat, cowboy shirt and his horse
(also made by grandma)
I think it turned out a success!
I love putting all the time and effort into planning a fun party to celebrate my special boy!

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