Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Joys of Motherhood: Weak Stomachs Beware!

This will be a photo-free post.
Mostly because no one would want to see any pictures of what I'm about to talk about.

Ever have those days where you just wonder what went wrong??
Today was one of those days in our house.

It started out okay... I didn't get off work until 2am, but I seemed to get enough sleep.
The Little Guy decided when I gave him a choice between a clean diaper and underwear to go with the underwear (yes!).

Then it happened.
I was working on the computer and he climbed up on the desk and grabbed the scissors. He has a new fascination with the scissors, I'm not sure why. I was on the phone with my husband but I took them away and told him no. He grabbed the scissors again
and somehow...
as I went to grab for it, he closed them and ...
cut off part of my finger!!!
(I'm serious... there is a hole in the pad of my finger where skin used to be)

It was honestly bleeding for a good hour or so.
I, of course, refused the notion that it might need a stitch
and just waited it out until it kind of stopped bleeding.

Then, while I was still tending to my gushing finger,
the Little Guy vomited all over the kitchen floor.

Try cleaning up puke off the floor with your left hand (the right was the injured one), while also trying to keep pressure on your gushing finger... doesn't work too well, I tell ya.

Anyway... I was almost in disbelief by this time... how could things turn so wrong so quickly?
I'm not sure if he was overly affected by the sight of blood or if he was actually sick. He did vomit a few more times, so I'm leaning towards actually sick.

On a positive note...
he hadn't had any accidents by the time I left for work and
discovered its better to puke in the toilet rather than the floor.
Hooray for small successes!

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