Friday, April 20, 2012

30 Weeks! & 3-year-old Dr Visit

I've made it! 30 weeks!
10 weeks left to go - seems like it's been forever and that it's going too fast all at once. =)

I don't go to the doctor again until Monday, but I'm feeling really good. I think I've gained much less weight this time around (much may be a relative term... I'm not really sure at this point!)
Nothing new... apparently I'm not a cravings sort of person
New Pregnancy Annoyances?
This baby seems to have a thing for jabbing into my side. Twice in the last week I've been caught off-guard by what seems to be him turning around or forcefully pushing into my side which is painful enough for me to gasp! I don't remember that from my first pregnancy... but it may just be that I don't remember....
Sleep is about the same... I've gotten one of those pregnancy pillows this time around. Last time I wanted one at the end, but felt it was a stupid purchase to make so close to the end. This time around, I was smart and got it earlier, so I've been enjoying the benefits of it longer! My husband hates it... but oh well. =) This one actually looks like it might be beneficial after pregnancy... which is just a bonus!
Other Thoughts:
~Malachi is really being sweet about the baby. He tells me all the time that he "loves the baby" or "love my belly" and gives it kisses. I'm not sure how long this will last after the baby is actually here,  but for now it's very cute.=)

~I'm slightly nervous about the transition from one child to two. People at work (as in, patients who randomly decide to talk to me about my life when they see I'm pregnant) keeps telling me that the transition from one to two is the hardest.... and then after that it's pretty easy.... thanks people. On the other hand, they obviously all survived it, so I'm sure I will too!

In Other News:
Malachi went to his 3-year-old well visit the other day.
According to the doctor, he is a healthy, good-natured little boy.
She had him draw a circle and a line, had him recite his first name and last name, the latter of which he hasn't quite picked up on, but he was able to recite mommy and daddy's first names, so she seemed pretty happy with that.
Height: 36"
Weight: 35lbs
Percentage: 80%!
She did his growth prediction and apparently my Little Guy is going to be over six-foot! Not really a surprise since his daddy is 6'1", but part of me was a tiny bit sad to think of my baby as that big!!! Sounded like there was a good possibility he'll be taller than his daddy.... I'm going to be the midget in the family. =)
We also came home with our first round of antibiotics EVER (yay for breastfeeding immunities! This may be coincidence, but I have to psych myself up to do that again!) I was worried about his ears, as I thought he may have had an ear infection a couple weeks before and seemed to be having a hard time hearing since. I knew we were heading to the doctor soon and also knew that most ear infections cleared up with or without antibiotics. But he'd had a cold since his birthday, which was strange for him to be sick that long and thought I'd have the doctor check it out. Well... she was not concerned about the ears AT ALL, said they looked to be clearing up... but then she listened to his chest and apparently she was concerned he might be developing pneumonia. I hadn't been worried about his other cold symptoms at all really - shows how much I know. =) So we came home with our first-ever round of antibiotics and hopefully it will just knock out anything that might be going on. I figure making it to age three without any medications is probably pretty good though. 

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