Thursday, April 12, 2012

Malachi's Moments - Our First Trip to the Dentist

I've been meaning to take Malachi to the dentist for awhile now....
I just haven't gotten around to taking him in yet.

Then another girl (who happens to be a dental hygienist) who sits at my table for Bible study said that her son who is 18 months old has already been to the dentist twice... oops!

So when I had my own appointment a couple weeks ago and was making my next appointment, I remembered to make one for Malachi at the same time.
He's such a friendly kid and not really afraid of anything.
I hear these horror stories of kids freaking out about the dentist, but he was so happy to be there!

Here he is sitting in the chair with his shades on and waiting for the hygienist to clean his teeth.

Looked like they were prepared to just show him a bunch of stuff and not actually DO much since it was his first time. She told me that most kids his age won't open their mouth let alone let her stick something in it! He just opened right up for the cleaning!

As soon as the dentist walked in he opened up like "here you go - my teeth!"

Everything checked out and we made our appointment for next time, so I think it was a success. I am so thankful to have a kid who is so easy-going about things like this. He may give me trials at other times, but things like this he is soooo easy. Do you think it's possible to have TWO that way? (I'm thinking probably not! haha)

All done! And still with a smile on his face!
Wish I looked that good when I left the dentist!

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