Wednesday, May 9, 2012

33 Weeks - Delivery Decisions

7 weeks to go - both an exciting and frightening thought!

Weight gain:
144lbs - which puts my total gain this pregnancy at 19lbs so far
Anything that I had has now passed... I guess I'm not much of a cravings person
New Pregnancy Annoyances:

Back pain, fatigue, the fact that I have to take nasty iron pills and I'm having a hard time sleeping because of the back pain - despite my awesome pillow!
Baby size:
Unlike his older brother (who was, at this point, already measuring 2 weeks big), this baby seems to be measuring right about average. Yay for me!
Other thoughts:
If one more person in the ER tells me I look like I'm about to deliver any day, asks how many babies I'm having or any other offending sort of comment I might just hit them.... jeez... I've only gained 19lbs people!

~Malachi Moment~
Walking in the grocery store parking lot the other day, he put his little hand up on my tummy. I thought this was a little weird and asked what he was doing. To which he replied, "I hold your baby, Mom" =)

I had my latest visit with the doctor on Monday morning. Baby is growing and sounds great. I had a great conversation with the doctor about my options of Repeat Cesarean Section or a Trial of Labor/Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (TOL/VBAC).
I have made the decision to not really make a decision.
Malachi - Age 7 Months

With Malachi, I had a Cesarean because he just would not come out. He never engaged in the birth canal and after 1.5 hours of pushing, all I had to show for it was he had a round lump on top of his head. He was almost 9lbs. Cute though, wasn't he? =)

There are many, many opinions on this subject and a good number of those opinions are very strong. I do not really have a strong opinion either way. Most important to me is that everyone is healthy in the end. I've had a C-Section. It wasn't terrible, my recovery wasn't bad and my baby and I bonded just fine. On the other hand, it would be nice to have a slightly quicker recovery period this time around.
All that being said, I've decided that if I go into labor before my due date, I will attempt a Trial of Labor. Since this baby seems smaller, if feel like there may be a good chance I could succeed. BUT, I will be scheduling a Cesarean very close to my due date. I feel that going past my due date is just counter-productive to the process. My doctors seem to be very supportive of my decision and very reasonable, so I think we are all happy. =)

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