Wednesday, May 23, 2012

35 Weeks.... 5 Weeks to Go

Yikes! 5 weeks??? Where has the time gone?
My C-Section is actually currently scheduled for June 20th (although, I've just told them I was hoping to work through the 23rd... so there is a possibility that might change), which means I really only have 4 weeks left..... a slight panic sets in when I actually sit down to think about this!
Weight gain:
147lbs - which puts my total gain this pregnancy at 22lbs so far... this is amazing because I think at this same point at my last pregnancy I had gained at least 30lbs.
New Pregnancy Annoyances:
I am really starting to feel tired and irritable. I always pride myself on being an easy-going pregnant person. I have a personal theory that people who are bitchy while pregnant want to be that way all the time and just use hormones as an excuse... I don't think there's an excuse for acting that way. But... I am definitely becoming more short-tempered with Malachi. I am blaming this on my work schedule though... not being pregnant. =)
Baby size:
Baby is still measuring average.
Other thoughts:
I feel gigantic. I know I'm not - especially since I can compare myself against my last pregnancy and know that I've gained much less weight this time around... but I'm uncomfortable... and tired. Really tired. Working 4 nights a week is really taking its toll on me at the moment. I'm happy that this is my last Friday night to work and then I'll be down to only 3 nights a week until the end.

Malachi Moments
He is really sweet. We are having our difficulties right now. His behavior has been less than steller lately (also something I'd like to blame on working so much and being so tired during the day).... to the point of both of us being on the verge of tears... but he is so sweet about the baby. He randomly comes up to me and says, "I kiss the baby!" and proceeds to kiss my belly. Or he says, "I love the baby" just out of the blue. Talking to a co-worker yesterday who is due a week after me and has a daughter about the same age, I was very thankful for his sweet responses to the baby. Her daughter wants nothing to do with the thought of the new baby and I think she's very nervous about her response when it's actually here!

He felt the baby move for the first time a couple days ago. I was sitting on the couch and he was trying to sit on my lap... and all of a sudden he sits up and says, "What's that??" I said, "That's the baby kicking". To which he replied, "The baby is kicking you?" =)
Then when the movement stopped he said, "Where the baby go?" and I said he stopped moving, to which he said, "The baby sleeping now?"
Here he is with my husband. They are both sleeping after a hard battle of wills at nap time. I checked in on them when I heard loud snoring coming from the room.... they are both asleep. =)

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